Saturday, July 15, 2017

Turn Earth into Energy

Have you ever wondered how you can use the natural sunlight to make your home more energy efficient?

Have you considered a geothermal heat pump system for your home?

Do you know all the facts about renewable energy?

According to scientists at Columbia, “in one hour, the Earth receives enough energy from the sun to meet all of mankind’s energy needs for one year.”

Can you imagine how much money you’d save on energy costs if all you had to do was harness the power of the sun? There are some obstacles in the way, of course – the sun doesn’t always shine, and the energy has to be stored somewhere, that somewhere is the earth. 47% of the Sun’s energy is absorbed by the earth, which makes it an ideal and plentiful source of free energy for your home.

Instead of turning to solar power for your energy efficiency, make the switch to a geothermal heat pump!

Geothermal Can Get Your Home to “Net Zero”

If efficiency is important to you, geothermal is the way to go. Reduce your carbon footprint and cut down on your costs at the same time by only using what you can produce. In addition, by capitalizing on and drawing on latent heat available in the heating and cooling process, geothermal heat pumps can actually provide a free way to heat water as a side benefit of their normal operations!

Geothermal Lasts Longer

All the benefits of your geothermal system can be enjoyed virtually maintenance-free for many years.  Geothermal systems have a life expectancy almost twice that of alternative systems since all of the equipment is indoors it is not subjected to the effects of harsh weather. The geothermal loop that exchanges energy with the ground will last for multiple generations!

Looking for More Info?

Do you want to know more about getting a geothermal heat pump installed in your home? Talk to one of our experts at Michigan Energy Services and see why homeowners trust us to give them the best products and quality service available. We also offer financing options in order to get you into a geothermal system for your home with no down payment, and low interest programs.

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