Monday, October 16, 2017

Making Comfort Personal

Making Comfort Personal

Being comfortable in our homes is the main reason we purchase heating and cooling systems. All too often though, due to poor design or rooms lacking adequate insulation, areas of the home are either too hot or too cold. So you’ve invested your hard earned money into a home to meet your family's needs but you may find yourself not using the whole house because it’s not comfortable.

Solutions to these problems are available and I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about one typical problem area we see, and a solution to it.

Bonus rooms over the garage.

Bonus rooms are notorious for being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The reason is simple, they are surrounded on 4 side by unconditioned space, they are the room furthest away from the furnace and the thermostat, and they are most often under supplied when it comes to the ducting of heating and cooling to the space.

Most commonly, clients will try to make adjustments to the thermostat. They either turn the temperature way up in the winter to “force” more heat to the problem area, or turn it way down in the summer to “force” more cooling there. The problem is that the entire home is now influenced by this activity. Mom is too hot or cold, Dad is wondering who is messing with the thermostat and the kids were in the bonus room but since it wasn’t comfortable they decided to play outside instead and nobody reset the thermostat. So I think we can see the problem here, nobody is comfortable and it’s costing you a fortune on your utility bills.

The Solution is to make your comfort personal

Installing a Mitsubishi, ductless personal comfort system will dramatically improve the comfort of the problem area by dedicating a system specifically for the space that is too hot or cold.

The Hyperheat system from Mitsubishi provides both heating and cooling to the space from an outdoor unit and an indoor head. This system is controlled via a remote control in the space and is completely independent from the rest of the home. This means that you can use the space and make yourself perfectly comfortable and then turn the space off or down when you are not using it to save energy.

These systems are surprisingly affordable and will help you gain back the use of all areas of your home. One system can also be installed with multiple heads, so if you have more than one problem area, no problem we can make every area in your home your personal comfort zone.  Check out more information on our website @

Monday, October 2, 2017

Efficiency, Comfort and Environmental stewardship for everyone

Efficiency, Comfort and Environmental stewardship for everyone.

If you are like most people you want to do the most for your comfort while being as efficient as you can.  If you can be green and be a good steward to the environment that would be great too, right?

All too often people associate being  “green” with sacrifice and some level of discomfort. Let me reassure you that there are many levels to which our customers strive to be good stewards to our environment.   It’s all about your personal commitment to our environment in conjunction with your budget.

Take for example a project we recently completed, The Burbech at Beacon Springs. This home as well the owners, Tom and Marti, are the poster children for environmental stewardship. Created out of an abundance of research and a desire to be a flagship of change in the way we build homes, a team was assembled from the design firm, Architectural Resources, the builder, Fireside Home Construction, along with every trade involved in supplying and installing their products.  The result was a home that is essentially invisible to nature. Capable of producing 100% of the electricity it consumes with Solar PV panels, capturing rain water which will be eventually used within the home as a source of potable water (once local codes catch up with technology) and taking care of all waste onsite through composting. This is truly a marvelous project, but admittedly it is not within everyone’s budget to go to these lengths. Visit out project spotlight @ and  for a blog about this home.

So where can you make a difference?  A geothermal system is a great place to start. Let’s take a closer look at Geothermal Heating & Cooling.  According to Energy Star, home heating, cooling, & hot water account for 55% of a home’s energy consumption.  So needless to say we can have the biggest impact on our budgets if we tackle the bigger energy consumers first. Geothermal heating and cooling systems get most of their energy from the earth, in fact, about 70% of the Btu’s needed for heating or cooling a home are absorbed from the earth for free. This leaves you with only needing to purchase 30% of the energy needed to maintain a comfortable home. Since a geothermal system only uses electricity, you can often times eliminate completely, the need for any fossil fuels in your home. Depending on the utility companies that serve your home, you can expect to reduce your heating, cooling and hot water costs by as much as 70%. Click on this link to try out the savings calculator on our website and see how much you could save.

You might now be asking how does a geothermal system have a positive impact on the environment and make us better stewards. For every geothermal system installed, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.  Each installation is equivalent to removing two cars from the road or planting 1 acre of trees.

Through creative financing, many geothermal installations can be installed with no money down, and most, if not all, of the installation cost can be paid for through your energy savings.

Upgrading your heating & cooling system. Does it make Dollars or Sense ??

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