Monday, March 5, 2018

Upgrading your heating & cooling system. Does it make Dollars or Sense ??

We often hear it said " if you upgrade your furnace it will pay for itself". Well I am going to contradict that myth in this post.

Most of us in our lifetime have never purchased a heating & cooling system so we rely heavily on what we have researched and what our contractor tells us. This post is designed to help you focus on all aspects of the decision making process so you can formulate the best approach for your situation.

Before we get to the numbers it is important to ask yourself these questions.

1. How long will I be in this home?
2. Do I want the lowest operating costs or lowest installation cost?
3. Is having a system that will protect the environment important to me?
4. Would I like to eliminate the noise from an outdoor air conditioner?
5. Do I plan to try and go net zero one day? (produce my own electricity)
6. Would I like to make my home safer by eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide?
7. Will my new system add resale value to my home?
8. What is my budget?
9. Do I want to pay cash or is financing an option?
10. Do I trust that my contractor has by best interest in mind?

The Numbers

If you have a gas furnace that vents out of your house with plastic piping then you have a furnace that is likely 90% efficient or better. Replacing that furnace today with a 98% efficient model will save you about 8% on your gas bill. New models will also have a more efficient fan which might result in an additional $50 / year in savings. Assuming you spend approximately $1200 per year on heating your home, the 8% gas savings & electrical savings will add up to about $146 per year. You might spend between $4000 - $6000 to install the upgraded 98% furnace. Dividing your cost by your total savings results in a payback of 27-41 years.

Given the fact that furnaces today do not have a 27-41 year life expectancy, we really can't look at this upgrade as being a great "investment".

If you are considering a Geothermal system upgrade from a gas furnace the numbers result in the a range of 20-50 year payback, depending on the method of installation for the geothermal loop.

These examples of course are just that, examples, every home has different needs, different fuel types, and most importantly different demands from the occupants.

As you can clearly see, heating and cooling system selection is not based on the savings alone and considering them as a investment in your pocket book may lead you to the wrong conclusion. All heating and cooling systems are an investment in your comfort, safety and peace of mind.

Are there exceptions to my rant? Of course. If you live in an area served by propane for example. Annual energy savings for geothermal compared to propane can be significant and offer a very rapid financial return. If you are building a new home and putting the entire system into the mortgage, often the added mortgage expense will be offset by the monthly energy savings. But until we do more than just scratch the surface of the discussion it is difficult to come to an educated conclusion.

The systems you consider should be evaluated based on initial expense, monthly operating expense, annual maintenance expense, warranty coverage and life expectancy and most importantly be a system that is designed around you and your family's wants, needs, goals and budget.

For 24 years we have been listening to our customers and providing them with a perfect comfort solution that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Making Comfort Personal

Making Comfort Personal

Being comfortable in our homes is the main reason we purchase heating and cooling systems. All too often though, due to poor design or rooms lacking adequate insulation, areas of the home are either too hot or too cold. So you’ve invested your hard earned money into a home to meet your family's needs but you may find yourself not using the whole house because it’s not comfortable.

Solutions to these problems are available and I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about one typical problem area we see, and a solution to it.

Bonus rooms over the garage.

Bonus rooms are notorious for being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The reason is simple, they are surrounded on 4 side by unconditioned space, they are the room furthest away from the furnace and the thermostat, and they are most often under supplied when it comes to the ducting of heating and cooling to the space.

Most commonly, clients will try to make adjustments to the thermostat. They either turn the temperature way up in the winter to “force” more heat to the problem area, or turn it way down in the summer to “force” more cooling there. The problem is that the entire home is now influenced by this activity. Mom is too hot or cold, Dad is wondering who is messing with the thermostat and the kids were in the bonus room but since it wasn’t comfortable they decided to play outside instead and nobody reset the thermostat. So I think we can see the problem here, nobody is comfortable and it’s costing you a fortune on your utility bills.

The Solution is to make your comfort personal

Installing a Mitsubishi, ductless personal comfort system will dramatically improve the comfort of the problem area by dedicating a system specifically for the space that is too hot or cold.

The Hyperheat system from Mitsubishi provides both heating and cooling to the space from an outdoor unit and an indoor head. This system is controlled via a remote control in the space and is completely independent from the rest of the home. This means that you can use the space and make yourself perfectly comfortable and then turn the space off or down when you are not using it to save energy.

These systems are surprisingly affordable and will help you gain back the use of all areas of your home. One system can also be installed with multiple heads, so if you have more than one problem area, no problem we can make every area in your home your personal comfort zone.  Check out more information on our website @

Monday, October 2, 2017

Efficiency, Comfort and Environmental stewardship for everyone

Efficiency, Comfort and Environmental stewardship for everyone.

If you are like most people you want to do the most for your comfort while being as efficient as you can.  If you can be green and be a good steward to the environment that would be great too, right?

All too often people associate being  “green” with sacrifice and some level of discomfort. Let me reassure you that there are many levels to which our customers strive to be good stewards to our environment.   It’s all about your personal commitment to our environment in conjunction with your budget.

Take for example a project we recently completed, The Burbech at Beacon Springs. This home as well the owners, Tom and Marti, are the poster children for environmental stewardship. Created out of an abundance of research and a desire to be a flagship of change in the way we build homes, a team was assembled from the design firm, Architectural Resources, the builder, Fireside Home Construction, along with every trade involved in supplying and installing their products.  The result was a home that is essentially invisible to nature. Capable of producing 100% of the electricity it consumes with Solar PV panels, capturing rain water which will be eventually used within the home as a source of potable water (once local codes catch up with technology) and taking care of all waste onsite through composting. This is truly a marvelous project, but admittedly it is not within everyone’s budget to go to these lengths. Visit out project spotlight @ and  for a blog about this home.

So where can you make a difference?  A geothermal system is a great place to start. Let’s take a closer look at Geothermal Heating & Cooling.  According to Energy Star, home heating, cooling, & hot water account for 55% of a home’s energy consumption.  So needless to say we can have the biggest impact on our budgets if we tackle the bigger energy consumers first. Geothermal heating and cooling systems get most of their energy from the earth, in fact, about 70% of the Btu’s needed for heating or cooling a home are absorbed from the earth for free. This leaves you with only needing to purchase 30% of the energy needed to maintain a comfortable home. Since a geothermal system only uses electricity, you can often times eliminate completely, the need for any fossil fuels in your home. Depending on the utility companies that serve your home, you can expect to reduce your heating, cooling and hot water costs by as much as 70%. Click on this link to try out the savings calculator on our website and see how much you could save.

You might now be asking how does a geothermal system have a positive impact on the environment and make us better stewards. For every geothermal system installed, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.  Each installation is equivalent to removing two cars from the road or planting 1 acre of trees.

Through creative financing, many geothermal installations can be installed with no money down, and most, if not all, of the installation cost can be paid for through your energy savings.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Eco-Friendly Features Home Buyers Want Most

If you’re considering selling your home, have you thought about going green?

According to the National Association of Realtors, many home buyers are actively looking for homes that have “green” features – features that will reduce the home’s carbon footprint and help the environment – like energy efficient appliances and geothermal heat and air.

Educated home buyers are armed with the latest facts and figures and they know that heating and cooling together account for the largest portion of residential utility costs – close to 50%.

In fact, a whopping 84% of house hunters are specifically looking for green heating and cooling systems!

If you’re thinking of upgrading your home to get the best sale price possible, here are some projects you should consider:

•    Install or upgrade insulation in your attic and crawl space
•    Make sure your ductwork is in great shape to prevent the loss of any heated or cooled air
•    Install programmable thermostats
•    Install a geothermal heat and air system to replace a conventional HVAC system
•    Replace damaged or old windows to prevent air leaks

Not only will home buyers love these upgrades because they’re great for the environment, but they’ll also love the savings on their overall energy spending!

To find out how you can turn your home into an eco-friendly home that’s sure to sell fast, call Michigan Energy Services! We can help you make your home more energy efficient and put hundreds of dollars back in your pocket. Contact us at 734-449-5200 or visit our website!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Advantages of Geothermal Energy for Cooling

Do you dread the summer heat?  Do you ever question whether to run the air conditioning or not because you know how expensive it is?

With a Geothermal system, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for savings.

If you live with pets or an elderly family member who needs cooler temperatures in order to have a comfortable summer, or just want to get away from oppressive humidity, Geothermal is the answer you have been looking for!

With a geothermal system, all of the equipment is housed inside. This means you don’t have to worry about the outdoor unit failing in the heat of summer or getting clogged with grass clippings and cottonwood.

Other advantages of geothermal heat and cooling are:

  • No onsite emissions of Carbon Dioxide
  • No outdoor equipment
  • Insulated cabinet and ductwork means quiet operation
  • Uses free renewable energy
  • Longer equipment life with less maintenance
  • Financing options available

When you switch from a traditional air conditioner to a geothermal system, you’ll not only save hundreds of dollars on your energy bill, but will enjoy a more efficient, more comfortable home.

To talk to one of our geothermal heat and cooling consultants today, give us a call at 734-449-5200. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist you and answer any questions.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Hidden Genius of Geothermal Air Conditioning

How can the earth save you money on air conditioning?

You first may need to understand how an air conditioner really works.

Alternative cooling systems that use an outdoor unit use the outside air temperature to reject heat. This process is more efficient the cooler the outdoor air is. You might be asking yourself, “but if the air outside is cool do we really need air conditioning?”

Exactly! When you need cooling inside the most, it’s hot outside - 80 degrees or hotter - and the air conditioner is working very hard to get the job done.

Geothermal systems, on the other hand, are connected to pipes in the earth, which is a constant 50 – 55 degrees Fahrenheit, so the process of rejecting heat is very efficient. In fact, a geothermal system will use less than half the energy of a regular air conditioner to keep you cool! Systems can also be equipped to make free hot water while keeping you cool too.

How Does It Work?

Here’s what you need to know:
  • Geothermal heat and air cooling systems simply move heat from the house to the earth in the summer or vice versa in the winter.
  • Even when temperatures outdoors are fluctuating, the temperature 4-6 feet below ground stays fairly consistent at anywhere from 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on where you live.
  • Geothermal systems are one of the most reliable and energy-efficient cooling systems available. They use 25%-70% less energy than other systems, and eliminate your dependence on propane and gas.

Geothermal Heat and Cooling Systems are Cost Effective!

Great news – your hard-earned money is well spent when you invest in geothermal. If you’re tired of spending thousands on energy costs every year, it’s time to make the switch to Geothermal.

Lower your energy costs and make your home more eco-friendly this year! Talk to one of our experts in geothermal technology today to get all your questions answered. Don’t forget to ask about our financing options!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Turn Earth into Energy

Have you ever wondered how you can use the natural sunlight to make your home more energy efficient?

Have you considered a geothermal heat pump system for your home?

Do you know all the facts about renewable energy?

According to scientists at Columbia, “in one hour, the Earth receives enough energy from the sun to meet all of mankind’s energy needs for one year.”

Can you imagine how much money you’d save on energy costs if all you had to do was harness the power of the sun? There are some obstacles in the way, of course – the sun doesn’t always shine, and the energy has to be stored somewhere, that somewhere is the earth. 47% of the Sun’s energy is absorbed by the earth, which makes it an ideal and plentiful source of free energy for your home.

Instead of turning to solar power for your energy efficiency, make the switch to a geothermal heat pump!

Geothermal Can Get Your Home to “Net Zero”

If efficiency is important to you, geothermal is the way to go. Reduce your carbon footprint and cut down on your costs at the same time by only using what you can produce. In addition, by capitalizing on and drawing on latent heat available in the heating and cooling process, geothermal heat pumps can actually provide a free way to heat water as a side benefit of their normal operations!

Geothermal Lasts Longer

All the benefits of your geothermal system can be enjoyed virtually maintenance-free for many years.  Geothermal systems have a life expectancy almost twice that of alternative systems since all of the equipment is indoors it is not subjected to the effects of harsh weather. The geothermal loop that exchanges energy with the ground will last for multiple generations!

Looking for More Info?

Do you want to know more about getting a geothermal heat pump installed in your home? Talk to one of our experts at Michigan Energy Services and see why homeowners trust us to give them the best products and quality service available. We also offer financing options in order to get you into a geothermal system for your home with no down payment, and low interest programs.

Call us today to get started!

Upgrading your heating & cooling system. Does it make Dollars or Sense ??

We often hear it said " if you upgrade your furnace it will pay for itself". Well I am going to contradict that myth in this post....