Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Advantages of Geothermal Energy for Cooling

Do you dread the summer heat?  Do you ever question whether to run the air conditioning or not because you know how expensive it is?

With a Geothermal system, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for savings.

If you live with pets or an elderly family member who needs cooler temperatures in order to have a comfortable summer, or just want to get away from oppressive humidity, Geothermal is the answer you have been looking for!

With a geothermal system, all of the equipment is housed inside. This means you don’t have to worry about the outdoor unit failing in the heat of summer or getting clogged with grass clippings and cottonwood.

Other advantages of geothermal heat and cooling are:

  • No onsite emissions of Carbon Dioxide
  • No outdoor equipment
  • Insulated cabinet and ductwork means quiet operation
  • Uses free renewable energy
  • Longer equipment life with less maintenance
  • Financing options available

When you switch from a traditional air conditioner to a geothermal system, you’ll not only save hundreds of dollars on your energy bill, but will enjoy a more efficient, more comfortable home.

To talk to one of our geothermal heat and cooling consultants today, give us a call at 734-449-5200. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist you and answer any questions.

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